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Company details:

Ventronic Import Company

Ventronic Import Company

Ventronic Import Company
We at Ventronic Import Company are are one of the UK's leading skate distributors.  Since we first established in 1981, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience plus a fantastic reputation for quality products at affordable prices.  We stock a wide variety of Skates, Skateboards, Helmets, Pads, Scooters, Wheels & Bearings, Tools, and Accessories. 

Ventronic Import Company

We pride ourselves on being a Ventronic Import Company, the home of the famous California Pro range of Skates, boards and accessories.  We have a selection of different sizes and styles available to choose from such as: Aggressive Skates, Hockey Skates, Soft Boot In Line Skates, and Quad Skates.  They come in a range of colours as well as ones suitable for both adults and children.  From 4 lined wheel skates to the more stable 4 wheel quads, no matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced skater, we are more than sure you will find the right boots for you!

Ventronic Import Company

We also have a range of skate boards available in some stand out designs that are sure to get you noticed plus a small selection of scooters for kids.  Our accessory and parts departments are also worth a look at.  From some of the top brands around such as: California Pro, Elite, Pro Gear, X Fiter, Street, and Ventro, we have products that range from helmets, protective gear, socks & laces, and bags to hold your skates in.  Need a replacement part for you skates, boards or scooter? Then you will be pleased to hear we stock a range of wheels, plates, tools, wax, straps, heel blocks, spacers, fixing kits, quad stoppers, stained decks, track sets, scooter handlebars and much more.

We guarantee that we have got just what you want!

Ventronic Import Company

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services or products - we would love to hear from you!

Call us today on: 0208 572 1201
Email us on:
Visit our website:

Company:Ventronic Import Company
Address:Unit 9, Derby Industrial Estate
Thompson Road
Contact:Mrs. Gulati
Telephone:0208 572 1201
Ventronic Import Company
Category:boarding - ski / skate / snow
fitness equipment
sports and fitness equipment / sport services
sports equipment
sports good shops
sportswear shops
Area scope:all/national/uk-wide
Ventronic Import Company

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