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Sports Injury - prevention is better than cure

If you play sports or exercise regularly, you probably will have experienced a sports injury throughout your time.  Often more annoying than serious, even a minor injury can set your training back for a good week or two, which can really hinder your progress. 

Don’t let a sports injury ruin all of your hard work.  Pain, swelling and restricted movements are all common sports injuries which are easily treated, yet if left alone these can develop into serious long-lasting problems.  Whether your sports injury is caused by an accident, not warming up properly before exercise, or from using an incorrect technique, you should always stop exercising whenever you feel any pain and seek appropriate treatment.  There are a number of treatments to help you to prevent injuries, such as physiotherapy, professional screening and sports massage - all areas where Summit Physio really excels.

Physiotherapy treatment works for people of all ages and professions, helping them to manage pain.  It can not only help you to recover, but can also teach you what caused the injury in the first place, and how you can avoid it in the future. 

Professional screenings, meanwhile, use state-of-the-art technology to help athletes identify any weak spots in their body, enabling them to hone their technique in order to reduce the risk of them suffering an injury. 

Sports massages are regularly used after exercise to eliminate the build-up of lactic-acid, improve blood circulation and prevent muscle tightness and stiffness.  This kind of massage is favoured by professional athletes and can aid the warm down process, ensuring you don’t pull any muscles as you stiffen up after a workout.  However, it is not exclusive to sports players alone, anyone looking to relieve overexertion of muscles and pain can benefit from a deep tissue massage. 

Combine screening and sports massage with physiotherapy for a long-term treatment plan to prevent serious pains. 

High-class athletes are always striving to improve their performance and know that something small can be the difference between winning and losing.  Summit Physio has helped many athletes to get back to their best, using specialist data from screening equipment to find any faults and set things right.  We’ve worked with golfers, MMA fighters, triathletes, squash champions and world-class winter sports competitors.
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