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The Sports, Health & Leisure UK Directory

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This directory is the UK's premier glossy reference source for sports, health and fitness - containing services & suppliers for the entire industry including classes, centres, tuition and equipment for sports across the board, as well as nutrition advice, sports therapies, health and weight management.

Whether you are a martial arts school or trainer, own a snooker club, run a sports injury clinic, own a riding stables, golf, martial arts, etc then please add your FREE entry to our directory.

This sports and fitness directory covers the whole of the UK from Sussex, London, Dorset, Cornwall and Hertfordshire to Lancashire, Yorkshire, Wales and Scotland.

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From fishing, cycling, martial arts, horse riding schools, snooker, watersports and pool to sports injury clinics and complementary therapy.

If you would like to advertise your company further on the site or in our forthcoming hard copy, then please contact sales on 01582 488385.

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Horse riding and saddlery

Whether you are a new comer to the sport or a seasoned horse rider, you will need a variety of supplies and services to keep your horse or pony healthy and happy and ensure you have the best possible riding experience.  We know just how important your horse is to you, and have created a directory of advertisers where you will find horse, pony and equestrian services from tack and saddlery shops to riding lessons, riding clothing such as jodhpurs and riding hats, livery, grooming products, riding holidays, stables equipment and more. 

Fishing and angling

Angling and fishing tips for beginners: Take a sponge with you in your net bag, as this can be put into the landing net and used to get water for ground bait or casters, where the bank is high or steep.  Always carry a spare tent peg when angling - if you should catch an injured or damaged fish and want to seek and inform the owner of the fishery where you are fishing, as all good conscientious anglers would; you are then able to retain the fish alive in your landing net with the net's handle safely pegged down on the bank with the tent peg while you seek help.  If you break or want to change your elastic while fishing and have no pole threading kit, take a piece of long line, approx 0.22m/m and tie one end to your elastic and attach a string of No 8 or No 6 shot to the other end.  Then feed the line followed by your elastic through your pole.  On completion take off the shot for re-use and complete the pole re-elastication.  As shown in the accompanying photograph, gently trap the fish's pectoral fin between your fingers.  This helps keep your fingers out of the fish's eye and encourages the fish to become "dormant" and lie still while a photograph is taken.  There are many types of fishing to consider indluding fly fishing, sea fishing , bass fishing and river fishing.

Shooting clubs and firearms

Shooting and gun use has long been considered a gentlemanly sport, and encompasses clay pigeon shooting and target shooting as well as hunting.  There are of course strict regulations on the use of firearms and so joining a shooting club is worth doing if you plan to take the sport up.  Shooting clubs are licensed by the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office are suitable for beginners and more experienced members, and will help you to enter the world of shooting if you wish to take up the hobby.  They usually have ranges available for practice, as well as guidance tips.  Shooting clubs usually use a handicap system in the same way that golf does so that a beginner can compete with experienced members.


Whatever your interest, there is a watersport for you.  From paddle sports to water skiing, swimming and diving, windsurfing, power boating, sailing and power boating, there are watersports available for every level of experience and every level of fitness.  Most watersports have an association to regulate and provide information so that could find out more, or see our list of watersport providers for details of suppliers of equipment from wet suits to diving equipment and board sports to swimming pools and outdoor centres offering lessons in every imaginable activity to take place on, and in, the water.

Golf and golfing

Golf is a sport once associated with an older generation which, thanks to the likes of high profile players like Tiger Woods, has begun to re enter the public consciousness as a sport for everyone, make and female, young or old.  Golf wear has once again become stylish rather than outlandish, and golf stores have helped to make the sport more and more accessible and affordable.  As a growing sport worldwide, golf courses and driving ranges abound, and golfing shops can sell you every conceivable item you may need to learnt to golf, or sharpen your game and adjust your handicap.  Golfing lessons for beginners are a great idea so that you start with the right habits and learn to play properly, and many keen golfers take up lessons later on to improve their skills.
Golf shops - selling used golf clubs, golf carts, golf balls and golf shoes.

Snooker and pool

Snooker and pool are both modern versions of the original game of English billiards which dates back to roughly the 15th century and involves a table, cues and billiard balls but has quite different rules to the newer cue sports that snooker and pool have evolved into.  The very first professional snooker tournament took place in 1927, and during the 20th century it has gone on to become a professional mainstream sport.  Pool has also developed, and differs in that each player pots a particular set of balls, usually stripes and solids or red and yellow, with one cue ball and a black ball to finish the same, and is sometimes seen as a predominantly casual game perhaps more associated with the original billiards.  Snooker and pool tables don't have to be full size or prohibitively expensive, and these days there are suppliers of tables, cues, balls and other paraphernalia for those wishing to pursue the hobby at home.  See our comprehensive list of suppliers and repairs of all things to do with cue sports, pool and snooker.

Cycling on your bicycle

Buying a bicycle is a serious business which needs to researched and considered carefully before committing.  Cycling may be a hobby, a means of transport and keeping fit, and can be about urban cycling, mountain biking or bike trekking, and there are quite distinct differences in the type of bicycle you will want to buy depending on which you intend to undertake.  You should spend as much as you can afford as a bike is a major investment and of course both comfort and practicality will come at a price.  The frame and saddle must be right for you so you should mount the bicycle before you buy it, and take the advice of those who run one of the many bike shops or bike repairers above as the best model for you and what you will use it for.  The sports directory contains cycling shops with , cycling shoes, cycling shorts, cycling clothing and all cycling gifts.

Martial Arts

Martial arts - mixed martial arts, chinese martial arts, martial arts suppliers, , martial arts in san antonio, korean martial arts, japanese martial arts including martial arts weapons.

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